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Band-tailed Pigeon - Patagioenas fasciata
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General Comments This Western pigeon is a species of montane forests, both coniferous and hardwood, though preferring somewhat dry areas. The Band-tailed Pigeon has no close relatives in North America, and it ranges well into South America (along the Andes chain). There are scattered records in eastern North America, where records committees must consider the potential origin of such birds, even though it is unlikely that the species is often kept in captivity, and the species is migratory in the United States. There are several North Carolina records, and the species is on the Official List.
Breeding Status Nonbreeder
NC BRC List Definitive
State Status
U.S. Status
State Rank SA
Global Rank G4
Coastal Plain Accidental. The only record is one well photographed in a yard in Manteo from 7 Jan - 17 Apr 2014* [Chat 78:71 link], [Chat 78:107 link] [Chat 79:12 link].
Piedmont Accidental. The only record is one seen and photographed in a semi-wooded residential area in Charlotte, from 1 Feb - 31 Mar 1994* [Chat 59:35 link].
Mountains Accidental. One seen on 10 Jun 1980 at Fetterbush Overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway (Haywood)* [Chat 44:106-107 link] was accepted, but as no photographs were taken, the species was added only to the Provisional List at that time. "Two birds were heard and recorded near the Devil's Courthouse area of the Blue Ridge Parkway" [Chat 66:32 link] on 16 Jun 2001. This is the third state report, and it is remarkably close to the location and time of the 1980 report. However, the NC BRC did not review the report because no recordings were available.
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Attribution LeGrand[2018-02-01], LeGrand[2015-06-13], LeGrand[2014-12-15]
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