Birds of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance
The 50 most recent entries.
Lark SparrowPasquotankGreg Hudson02/14/2023Fenwick Hollowell Wetlands TrailPresent at site for over a month. Associating with Chipping and Song
Ring-necked PheasantSurryBetsy Small02.25.23State Roadadult male ring necked pheasant seen in my front yard / farm
Shiny CowbirdOnslowGilbert S Grant 1 June 2017My yard feeder Sneads FerryPhoto on Carolina Bird Club Photo Gallery
Red-necked PhalaropeOnslowGilbert S Grant22 May 2018North Topsail Beach at New River Inlet Photos on Carolina Bird Club Photo Gallery
Mississippi KiteRockinghamMartin Wall8/21/2021Neighborhood in ReidsvilleView photoYes
Black-crowned Night-HeronRockinghamMartin Wall10/8/2020Belews LakeView photoYes
Wood StorkWilsonJean Ells, plus othersO9/17/2022Buckhorn ReservoirThey’ve been seen quite often, notably by Alex Fuller, Ann BricephotoYes
Tricolored HeronRockinghamMartin Wall7/25/2020Grogan LakeView photoYes
Brown PelicanRockinghamMartin Wall6/24/2019Lake ReidsvilleView photoYes
American White PelicanRockinghamMartin Wall4/7/2015Belews LakeView photoYes
Red-throated LoonRockinghamMartin Wall2/14/2019Belews LakeView photoYes
Royal TernRockinghamMartin Wall7/25/2022Belews LakeSingle observation made this year. Not associated with a storm, so it was a rather surprise sighting.
Forster's TernRockinghamMartin Wall8/13/2015Belews LakeView photo
Mute SwanHarnettBarbara C King9/11/22Carolina LakesI was visiting my cousin who feeds 2 Mute Swans in the lake behind her home. photoYes
Mountain BluebirdNew HanoverHarry LeGrandFeb 2022Wrightsville BeachSeen daily from 11 February to 21 March 2022 (Chat 86:85).
Common TernRockinghamMartin Wall5/21/2020Belews LakeView photo
Lesser Black-backed GullRockinghamMartin Wall1/30/2020Rockingham County LandfillView photoYes
Red-necked PhalaropeRockinghamMartin Wall5/20/2020Flooded field adjacent to Madison River Park.View photoYes
SoraRockinghamMartin Wall4/27/2020Runoff mitigation pond/wetland in front of the Purina plant on Meadow Road in Eden.Same spot as Virginia Rail previous year, but this time a Sora. Responded to, and came in to playback. Photo obtained.photoYes
Virginia RailRockinghamMartin Wall4/8/2019Runoff mitigation pond/wetland in front of Purina plant on Meadow Road in Eden.View photoYes
Black ScoterRockinghamMartin Wall11/18/2020Belews LakeView photoYes
Common GoldeneyeRockinghamMartin Wall2/14/2016Grogan LakeView photoYes
Eastern Whip-poor-willRockinghamMartin Wall4/8/2012Deshazo Mill Road, Mayo River State ParkView photoYes
Chuck-will's-widowRockinghamMartin Wall6/10/2012Deshazo Mill Road, Mayo River State ParkView photoYes
Rufous HummingbirdCumberlandVirginia WarpAug 14, 2022Between Wade and I-295View
Swallow-tailed KiteForsythEric and Janet Scharling07/16/2236.0927799, -80.4954988Soaring bird, white and black below with white head and marked forked tail, heading north. saw for about 2 minutes
Semipalmated SandpiperLenoirCaleb Bronsink May 8th, 2022Neuseway Nature Park Kinston, NCMedium sized peep with grayish brown wings, back, top of neck and head with white on the underside black legs and short straight billphotoYes
Black SkimmerBeaufortCaleb BronsinkJuly 2nd, 2022Goose Creek Game Land Campbells Creek-2 ImpoundmentView photoYes
American White PelicanPittCaleb Bronsink February 19, 2022 2/19/2River Park North Greenville, NCView photoYes
Rose-breasted GrosbeakPolkLeah Williams27 April 2022Tryonmale at feeder
Brown-headed NuthatchHaywoodDon Hendershot4/23/22Lake JunaluskaHarry, I believe this species has been reported to ebird but don't know if nesting proof was providedphotoYes
Brewer's BlackbirdJacksonJeremy Hyman4/12/2022Cullowhee, NCA single female was foraging on the practice soccer field at WCUphotoYes
Great EgretPersonJulia Alliger4/8/2022Farm/ pondView photoYes
Lesser Black-backed GullForsythJohn Haire2/27/22Salem LakeAn adult, found by Ron Morris. Attached is a digiscope, but surely other folks will put better photos on ebird. photoYes
Townsend's SolitaireSwainLexi Thomas2021-10-10Clingmans Dome, Great Smoky Mountains National Parkdetails and photos on eBird report
Ring-necked PheasantCatawbaSelf1/21/2022On the other side of my fence. Conover, NcIt is possible it is a farm animal, he flew off in that direction.photoYes
Blue-headed VireoPasquotankGreg Hudson12/22/21Landfill ParkForaging in woods with loose flock of winter song
Common GoldeneyeOrangeKent Fiala27 Jan 2019Brumley NorthIn the "Bridge Pond". Seen by many over a couple days.photoYes
American White PelicanOrangeKent Fiala12 July 2020Buckhorn Game Land--OWASA TractSeen flying overphotoYes
Sandhill CraneOrangeKent Fiala7 Dec 2020St. Mary's Road opposite Flying W Ranch.Two birds out in a field. One-day wonder seen by about 10 people.photoYes
Roseate SpoonbillOrangeKent Fiala31 July 20211008 Bowden RdSeen by many through 12 SeptemberphotoYes
MerlinGreeneRandy HartNov 1, 2021Lloyd Harrison Rd.Took a pic of what I thought was a Kestrel in a tree but turned out to be a Merlin.photoYes
Brown CreeperPasquotankGreg HudsonNov. 29, 2021Two seen foraging on a pine tree at
White-crowned SparrowPasquotankGreg HudsonNov. 29, 2021LandfillSeen in weedy ditch at the landfill. Song and Swamp Sparrow also
Nelson's SparrowWataugaGuy McGrane, others7 Oct 2021Brookshire Park, BooneSeen and photographed by many. Last seen was by Guy McGrane on 12 Oct. Will Bennett
Pacific-slope/Cordilleran FlycatcherRandolphJohn Gerwin et al.2020-12-11Randolph County; exact location not mentioned (Chat 85:142)Banded, measured, and photographed; record accepted by the NC BRC to the species pair
DickcisselWilkesWendell Smith4/9/59North Wilkesborocited in AFN 13-4, and also more records in subsequent years, and another recent record from eastern wilkes county on ebird.
DickcisselAsheRuth Hurt5/16/1962Jefferson, NCcited in AFN 16-4
Wilson's WarblerWataugaGuy McGrane, M. Obs.9/30/2021Boone GreenwayView
Palm WarblerAsheMount Jefferson CBC12/30/1996CBC circle, all in Ashe Co.recorded 4 on CBC; cited in AFN 51-2. Also very many recent ebird records for Ashe county