Birds of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance
The 50 most recent entries.
Red-breasted NuthatchDavieKarl KoevalApril 5, 2021 (daily fro128 Somerset CtMakes a daily appearance or two to shop around for seeds. Then leaves. Solitary individual.
Kirtland's WarblerChathamMichael Tove, m.ob9/28/2020Below the dam at Lake JordanThis bird was seen by many observers from late September into the first of October.
Ring-necked DuckAsheSandy Sanders, Joseph Johnson3-3-2021Mountlawn funeral Home Pond off HWY 221NView
Black-throated Blue WarblerWarrenSam Murray10/28/2013Unspecified at Lake Gaston, Warren County.This was an ebird report. I have no other information. Michael Tove
Cape May WarblerWarrenBlaire Clark09/24/2020Near Eaton's FerryThis was an ebird report. Michael Tove
Blue-headed VireoWarrenWS & Natalie Barbour09/03/2017Limer Towne Rd, Warren Co. This was an ebird report. Michael Tove
Mississippi KiteWarrenNiels Lameijer05/20/2018Unspecified Lake Gaston, Warren Co. This is a report on ebird. I have no further information other than what's given. Michael Tove
Prothonotary WarblerWarrenMichael Tove04/23/2016114 N. Pine Cove Lane, Macon (my lake house)They breed on my property. The bird being documented sat on the railing of my house.photoYes
Prairie WarblerWarrenMichael Tove05/10/2020Pine Bluff A, MaconAbout 2 miles north of Five Forks near Lake Gaston. It was photographed if that's necessary.photoYes
Red-necked PhalaropeBladenJudi Nicholson & Kathy Schwartz31 August 2020Suggs Mill Pond & State GamelandView photoYes
Red-breasted NuthatchUnionChris Huffstickler12/25/202205 gallberry lane, Waxhaw, NC 28173View photoYes
Baltimore OrioleUnionDebra Reed1/06/21Back yard I have been seeing this bird at least a couple times a day.
Rose-breasted GrosbeakPamlicoChristine S Stoughton RootSept. 27 2020Private residence on Quail Rd and additional sighting same day in Schooner Landing on Castaway Rd.% were in the yard early morning with good view. No photo op. went out in afternoon to bird and found 1 at Schooner Landing and photographedphotoYes
Swallow-tailed KiteCatawbaJonathan Anderson08-16-2020Conover, Off Emmanuel Church Rd @ Nazareth Lane.The bird was gliding in low circles over disturbed, formerly cleared empty land.
Ring-necked PheasantMaconKristy Hicks03/2020My backyard 103 Katie Ln Franklin, NC 28734View photoYes
Black SkimmerCatawbaDwayne Martin6-13-2020Oxford Access area Lake HickoryView photoYes
Great EgretScotlandRex Badgett6/23/2017McIntosh Bay complex7 individuals seen.
Cattle EgretScotlandRex Badgett7/12/2019On NC 144 near Laurel Hill.3 birds
Rose-breasted GrosbeakHokeBarbara Beason04-23-20I live two miles south of Raeford.View photoYes
Rose-breasted GrosbeakPasquotankJudy Brown04/16/2020114 Dogwood Trail Elizabeth City NC Beautiful bird. photoYes
American WoodcockRichmondRex Badgett01/13/2016Sandhills Game LandFlushed while rabbit hunting.
Sandhill CraneClaySandy Benson03/07/2020NW of WarneView
LimpkinRowanTony R Long, Rena Long 01/08/2020Northern end of High Rock Lake. Approximately 2-3 miles east of the I85 bridge over the Yadkin River. Area of river across from Potts Creek area.View photo
Common MerganserAlleghanyPatsy Bailey19 January 2020Little River by our cabin, located close to the bridge crossing the Little River on Highway 18, northeast of Sparta, NC.My first sighting of Common Mergansers on the river. Group of 10.
Ruddy DuckSampsonRex Badgett1/11/2019Fox Lake Drive, Clinton, North Carolina, US (34.989, -78.37)27 Ruddy ducks on pond. Most were sleeping.photoYes
Ross's GooseBeaufortHoward VainrightDecember 11, 2019East 4th St.The Ross's Goose had been seen by other observers during the week. It was mingling with resident Canada Geese and domestic geese.photoYes
LimpkinBuncombeSam Pratt8 July 2019Owen Park in AshevilleFirst mountain record. Photo taken by Pratt is on the Carolina Bird Clube Photo Gallery.
Sharp-tailed SandpiperDareKaren Lebing and many others11-12 July 2019South Pond at Pea Island NWR; in a tiny pool alongside NC 12 and not in the large body of water itselfThis is the third state record. Photos are on the Carolina Bird Club Photo Gallery, taken by Karen Lebing.
DickcisselCurrituckGreg HudsonJuly 2,2014Mackay Island NWR. In field near refuge office. Singing male close to refuge office and observation deck. Also another bird was seen in Harbinger last year along with the Golden-crowned Sparrow. photo
Sandhill CraneRockinghamJames Miller2019-05-18Lat 36.378358 Long 79.592388see photo. I stepped out on my deck in Rockingham Co to find a Sand Hill Crane strutting in my back yard. I got a few nice pictures of it.photoYes
Black-bellied Whistling-DuckLincolnBob Graziani Eric Point5/1/2019Denver, NC. 4 Black Bellied Whistling Ducks have been hanging around the pond since daybreak. photoYes
Orchard OrioleGreeneAnn Brice5/1/182421 Sand Pit Rd. Large yard with some mature oaks surrounded by farm fields.Was singing from trees. Medium size bird with reddish orange body and dark head. I am familiar with this species.
Ruby-throated HummingbirdGreeneAnn Brice5/1/182421 Sandpit Rd., Stantonsburg. Large yard with a few mature oaks, surrounded by farmland and about 0.5 mile from Contentnea Creek. Yard had some flowers and ornamentals.Hummingbird with reddish throat.
Yellow-billed CuckooGreeneAnn BriceWoods along Pelletier Rd., StantonsburgHeard distinct rain-crow sound. Heard a couple of calls. I am very familiar with this call. I didn't see the bird.
Worm-eating WarblerGreeneAnn BriceExtensive woods amid farm fields. Swampy area nearbyView
Double-crested CormorantGreeneAnn Brice4/28/19Swamp along Apple Tree Rd., StantonsburgView
Palm WarblerGreeneAnn Brice4/28/19In a swampy area on Pope Farm Rd, Stantonsburg.Flew across the road and landed in a dead tree. Warbler size and bill. I saw a white supercilium and it was wagging it's tail.
Hooded WarblerGreeneAnn Brice4/26/19Heard and saw in wooded swamp next to a stream on Pelletier Rd., StantonsburgHeard song which I recognized. It eventually emerged for a good view. Male. Yellow warbler with black cap and throat.
Yellow-breasted ChatGreeneAnn Brice4/28/19Overgrown field of 8' pines and shrubs near small stream.View
Eastern Wood-PeweeGreeneAnn Brice4/27/19Snow Hill. In mature stand of trees next to a park.Heard only. Heard pee-wee call plainly a couple of times.
AnhingaGreeneAnn Brice4/26/19LaMoye Park/ Wildlife boat ramp at Contentnea Creek on Speight Bridge RdView
OspreyGreeneAnn Brice4/27/1935.5759,-77.8109 Dawson Rd., Stantonsburg, NC Flying over a pond in the middle of a large open pasture.View
Northern BobwhiteGreeneAnn Brice4/27/1935.5331,-77.7811 Herman Scott Rd., Stantonsburg, NC In edge of woods across from farm field.Heard calling only. Heard call three or four times. I am very familiar with this call.
Yellow-throated VireoGreeneAnn Brice4/27/19Parking lot for Wildlife boat ramp on Contentnea Creek in Snow Hill, NC. large open area surrounded by mature trees. Was foraging in a deciduous tree.View
Blue-winged WarblerJohnstonAnn Brice4/22/19Howell Woods Environmental Education Center. Edge of woods at start of Slough trail. View
White IbisRandolphRex Badgett7/8/2011Pond off Dunbar Bridge Road.Two immatures along shoreline. Seen well with binoculars. Poor photograph
White IbisRichmondRex Badgett7/8/2015Pond on Blues Bridge Road near Camp Mackall.Juvenile foraging along shoreline. I have rather poor cell-phone pictures of the bird.photoYes
Fish CrowWataugaJ. Merrill Lynch 17 April 2019NC Hwy 88, about 2.7 miles north of jct with US Hwy 421View
Nelson's SparrowPamlicoChristine S Stoughton Root4/14/2019Cedar Pt off Ball and Pasture Creek entrance Merritt NCVocalizing at least 3. Very comfortable with my approach for photograph and
DickcisselCamdenJames M Harrison03/29/2019171 Alder Branch Rd, Shiloh US-NC 27974 Camden (County) (36.2544,-76.0279) View photo