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Birds of North Carolina
Birds of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance
The 50 most recent entries.
Ross's GoosePamlicoChristine S Stoughton Root12/01/2018Bayboro water treatment plant-Restricted area-on SR 306With about 35 Canada Geese in the last raised pondphotoYes
Black-headed GullWashingtonGreg HudsonNovember 14, 2018Lake Phelps, Pettigrew State Park.Seen resting with Laughing Gull, Bonaparte's Gull and Forster's Tern off the boardwalk pier at Lake
Tahiti PetrelDarePeter Flood, Brian Patteson et al.29 May 2018pelagic trip out of HatterasPhotographs and a description of the bird are found on Patteson's Seabirding website. This is a first record for continental North America.
Red-breasted NuthatchLincolnSteve BassettOctober 29, 2018Iron StationSpotted at my black oil sunflower seed feeder. Solitary but traveling in flock of Carolina Chickadees and Tufted Titmouse.
Bay-breasted WarblerFranklinJeff Lemons10-27-2018Joyner Park, Louisburg, NC Feeding in trees along the river. No photo.
Black-throated Green WarblerPamlicoChristine S Stoughton Root120/12/2018Straight Rd. Between Bent Tree and Orchard CreekAlways check this area during migration. It was alone a few chickadees around.photoYes
Philadelphia VireoPamlicoChristine S Stoughton Root09/03/2018Straight Rd. Between Bent Tree and Orchard CreekWas with warblers and Red-eyed Vireo during a weather change.photoYes
Roseate SpoonbillPasquotankGreg Hudson9/23/18Hall's Creek off the Little River in Pasquotank County.View photo
White-rumped SandpiperPasquotankGreg HudsonMuddy field off Halstead Blvd. Foraging in a muddy field with shallow pools with mixed flock of shorebirds. During Hurricane
Lesser Black-backed GullPasquotankGreg HudsonDry Ridge Road. Close to Albemarle Sound.View photo
Rose-breasted GrosbeakGranvilleThomas M. Hardee4/11,12,18/2018816 N. Crescent Drive, Creedmoor, NC 27522View
Wood ThrushPasquotankGreg Hudson5/13/18Dances Bay on the Little River.Singing in wood lot next to our home. I had not heard a singing bird from our yard for a couple years. photo
Rose-breasted GrosbeakDavieJanine Wooten5/4/2018Mocksville areaView
Short-eared OwlPamlicoChristine Stoughton Root03/13/2018Days Landing Rd. Between Florence and Quail located in 3 yr cut field after woods on left as you enter.View
Barn OwlPamlicoChristine Stoughton Root07/09/2013Silos on SR 55 North of Oriental aprox. 1 mile or so on south side of Roadway. Private farmNesting in Silo with 4 owlets photo
Barred OwlPamlicoChristine Stoughton Root07/14/2016 US-NC-Oriental - 35.0559x-76.6804 Berm of Straight Road View photoYes
White-winged DovePamlicoChristine Stoughton Root03/07/2108902 Borad St. Oriental NC Front yard of home on west side of the roadway.View
Lark SparrowCamdenJames M. Harrison & Hazel P. Harrison2/22 thru 2/27/18171 Alder Branch Road, Shiloh NC 27974This Lark Sparrow has visited every day, several times daily for 6 consecutive days. I made 15 additional photos today. I also made a photo last week.photoYes
BuffleheadMontgomeryOakes RossomandoFeb 17, 2018Town of Ether, north of StarView photoYes
Orchard OriolePasquotankGreg HudsonDances Bay on Little River.Immature male singing. photoMetadata says bird photographed on June 7, 2014
CanvasbackPasquotankGreg HudsonJanuary 30, 2018Pond at Landfill.Associated with flock of Ring-Necked Ducks and one Lesser Scaup
American CootPasquotankGreg HudsonThis picture is from 2015 at the Landfill pond but this species is regularly seen in the winter on
Baltimore OrioleNashJohn Faulkner1/16/2018Rocky Mount at Northgreen Country ClubView photoYes
Northern PintailPasquotankGreg Hudson1/15/18Landfill pond. Associating with a flock of
Common GoldeneyePasquotankGreg HudsonJanuary 8, 2018Landfill pondSmall open area of water under icy conditions. Seen with variety of other ducks including Mallard, Ring-Necked Duck, Hooded Merganser and Ruddy
Bald EagleAsheScott Cronk4/1/17Just south of HWY 163 along Beaver Creek.Bald Eagle observed flying above the Beaver Creek/Frenches Knob area of Ashe County.
Arctic TernWakeBrian Bockhahn, Ed Corey, and others25-26 May 2017Sandling Beach section of Falls LakePublished in Chat 81:89.
Baltimore OrioleGreeneLinda seymourNov 11, 2017These birds were common at the oriole feeder last winter approximately 8 overwintered.
MerlinDavieShelley Rutkin9/17/2017Rich ParkFlying overhead very highphotoYes
Swallow-tailed KiteTransylvaniaFRANK PORTERAugust 26, 2017305 Country Club Circle Brevard, NC. 28712View
Black-headed GrosbeakUnionPeter Quadarella22 November 2016a yard in Weddingtonadult male, photographed (Chat 81:28).
Kirtland's WarblerYanceySimon Thompson et al.28 September 2016Ridge Junction Overlook, on the Blue Ridge ParkwayBird (immature) photographed (Chat 81:26).
Anna's HummingbirdDareAnn Maddock and many others21 December 2015Buxton, at a feederSeen and photographed, from 21 Dec 2016 to 15 Mar 2017 (Chat 81:44-45). Photos on the Carolina Bird Club photo gallery.
Roseate SpoonbillChathamMatt Spangler8/16/17Jordan Lake--New Hope Creek mudflatsView photoYes
Roseate SpoonbillDurhamMatt Spangler8/16/17Jordan Lake--New Hope Creek Mudflats (Durham Cty, north of creek)View photoYes
Great EgretYanceySandy Feutz and Brian Repass8/6/2017Cane River in RamseytownWe were looking for Great Blue Herons and spotted this beautiful Great Egret. photoYes
Wood StorkRowanIsaac Kerns, Edward Beavers6/11/2017Intersection of Hwy 152 & Castor RoadSoaring with a Turkey Vulture. Incidental sighting, viewed well through binoculars by both observers. iPhone photo obtained. photo
Iceland GullMecklenburgChris Talkington et al.18 December 2011 Lake NormanView Record is of the Thayer's subspecies; color photo in Chat.
Barn OwlDurhamCox Family and two additional neighbors 6/29North Durham near the West Point on the EnoView
Barn OwlSurryJesse Anderson05/28/2017Dead on road. Likely caused by vehicle strike on interstate 74 southeast of Mount Airy. (36.454739, -80.629107)photoYes
Black-bellied PloverPasquotankGreg HudsonApril 6, 2017Esclip Rd.Two individuals foraging on plowed field with gulls and killdeer not far from Albemarle
Rose-breasted GrosbeakEdgecombeRandy Skaggs4/27/2017Tarboro,NCVery beautiful bird. I have never seen one.
Red-headed WoodpeckerClayAl Hooks4/24/2017Chatuge Lake, Clay County Park, 35.0080646,-83.7941908 Elevation just under 2000'. Easily seen. Behaving territorial flying from tree to tree in same general area.photoYes
Violet-green SwallowMecklenburgRob Van Epps5 May 2016Lake DavidsonView
White-cheeked PintailDarePeggy Eubank, Audrey Whitlock30 September 2015North Pond at Pea Island NWRPhotographed. Reported in Chat Briefs for the Files (Chat 80:26-51).
DunlinIredellRon Underwood, Garnet Underwood, Jason ThieleApril 23, 2017Short Dog Road, Statesville, NC (off Midway Rd.)View photoYes
American Black DuckSurryJesse A. Anderson01-22-201736.2884, -80.5054 (Approximate address 270 Caudle Rd, Pinnacle, NC 27043) American Black Duck grouped with mallard and Am. Wigeon in small farm pond south of Caudle Road.Large, dark duck, orange colored bill, blue in wing lacking white speculum
American WigeonSurryJesse A. Anderson01-22-201736.2884, -80.5054 (Approximate address 270 Caudle Rd, Pinnacle, NC 27043) American Wigeon grouped with mallard in small farm pond south of Caudle Road.View photoYes
Greater White-fronted GoosePittHoward Vainright, Jerry Lotterhos, Cindy Vainright1/10/17Beside Bradford Creek Golf Course, Old Pactolus Rd. Greenville, NCView photoYes
White-winged DoveCravenDaniel Kendrick1/7/161307 N Pasteur Street New Bern, NC 28560First seen January 7, 2016. (First photo) last seen (last photo) 2/15/16photoYes