Birds of North Carolina:
their Distribution and Abundance
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Roseate SpoonbillMooreRex Badgett08/17/21Lake Surf (Woodlake).3 birds
Rufous HummingbirdSwainLori Tribble8/14/2021Near hummingbird feeders full of Ruby Throated HummingbirdsView photoYes
Wood StorkScotlandRex Badgett6/29/21McIntosh Bay complex.Photo
OvenbirdNashJohn Lynch5/9/2018Bunn Farm Creek near I-95Singing
Red-breasted NuthatchNashJohn Lynch12/24/2018Creek behind the Bunn Farm subdivision, next to I-95heard and seen in pine tree, striped black and white head with red breast
Cliff SwallowNashJohn Lynch4/15/2019Tar River Trail - Battle Parkswallow with light orange rump patch and white forehead, squared tail compared to barn swallow. Known nest site
Swainson's WarblerNashJohn Lynch4/23/2019Creek behind the Bunn Farm subdivision, bordering I-95Heard unfamiliar song and was able to get glimpses of a pair skulking in the briars. Associating with hooded warblers
American RedstartNashJohn Lynch8/21/19Tar River Trail - Battle ParkLong tailed warbler with striking black and orange plumage. unmistakable
Acadian FlycatcherNashJohn Lynch8/21/19Tar River Trail - Battle ParkSinging
Scarlet TanagerNashJohn Lynch5/9/2020Tar River Trail - Battle ParkSinging and spotted high up in canopy
Black-throated Blue WarblerNashJohn Lynch5/9/2020Tar River Trail - Battle Parksinging
Chestnut-sided WarblerNashJohn Lynch5/9/2020Tar River Trail - Battle PArkBreeding male with chestnut sides, yellow cap, and black facial markings
Yellow WarblerNashJohn Lynch5/9/2020Tar River Trail - Battle ParkSinging along path near the dam before being located. Bright yellow warbler with rusty streaking on breast and flanks
Gray-cheeked ThrushNashJohn Lynch5/9/2020Tar River Trail - Battle ParkGray faced thrush with lack of eye ring, lots of spotting on breast
VeeryNashJohn Lynch5/9/2020Tar River Trail - Battle ParkSeen feeding in mulberry trees. Warm toned thrush with lack of spotting on breastphoto
Greater YellowlegsNashJohn Lynch9/10/2020Vandemark Sod FarmHeard distinctive 3 note calling from drainage ditch at sod farm
Wilson's SnipeNashJohn Lynch9/10/2020Vandemark Sod Farmfeeding in drainage ditch at sod farm
Pectoral SandpiperNashJohn Lynch9/10/2020Vandemark Sod Farmfeeding on sod farm with other sandpiper species, these were large with faint yellow legs and a distinct margin between dark breast and light belly
Blackpoll WarblerNashJohn Lynch9/28/2020Tar River Trail - Battle ParkSimilar to pine warbler but had duller colors and wingbars with a yellow wash to them
Bay-breasted WarblerNashJohn Lynch9/28/2020Tar River Trail - Battle ParkNon-breeding, similar to pine warbler but with bolder white wingbars and faint remnants of breeding plumage pattern
Yellow-throated VireoNashJohn Lynch9/28/2020Tar River Trail at Battle Parkvireo with yellow spectacles, yellow throat, and thick bill
Blackburnian WarblerNashJohn Lynch10/12/2020Rose Hill PlantationNon-breeding plumaged individual in small mixed warbler flock. distinct facial markings
Swainson's ThrushNashJohn Lynch10/14/2020My BackyardNocturnal flight call detected. Audio file uploaded to eBird
Orange-crowned WarblerNashJohn Lynch11/13/2020Between Sunset Park and SR 43 on Tar River TrailHeard chipping and the bird showed itself nicely for picturesphoto
Blue-winged TealNashJohn Lynch11/26/2020Coley Road PondUnmistakable male mixed in with duck flock
American PipitNashJohn Lynch11/30/2020Hart Farm RoadHeard giving distinct calls flying over roadway and seen landing in field nearby
Palm WarblerNashJohn Lynch12/18/2020Park just off of Morgan StreetFlitting in small trees. Dull yellow warbler with rusty cap and slight streaking on underside
GadwallNashJohn Lynch12/30/2020City LakeMales and females. Spent most of the winter at this location mixed with the Mallards
Greater ScaupNashJohn Lynch2/23/2021Coley Road PondLarge scaup with blocky head and a peak on the back of the head.
Northern ShovelerNashJohn Lynch1/25/2021Coley Road PondObserved in mix waterfowl flock. Large bill, dark head, and rusty flanks
Herring GullNashJohn Lynch3/24/2021Tar River Trail - between NC 40 and Sunset ParkFly over, much bigger than RBGUs that were also flying over but with similar plumage
Kentucky WarblerNashJohn Lynch5/9/2020Tar River Trail - Battle ParkSinging
Wilson's WarblerNashJohn Lynch5/9/2020Tar river trail between NC-43 and Sunset ParkHeard singing and was able to locate and photograph the bird.photoYes
DickcisselPasquotankGreg HudsonJune 5, 2021Landfill. View photo
Connecticut WarblerCurrituckReid Keller, Jeff Keller10/06/20Pine Island Audubon SanctuaryView
Scissor-tailed FlycatcherWarrenChristine Stoughton Root07/14/2019Eaton Ferry Marina, Eaton Ferry Road, LittletonThis was an ebird report. I'm reporting it on behalf of the observer from that report but have no direct knowledge. Mike Tove
Virginia RailWarrenBrian Bockhahn05/01/2020Roanoke Dairy Rd., NorlinaView
AnhingaWarrenunknown08/10/1997Lake GastonListed in The Chat as part of the CBC's data-base. Mike Tove
Wilson's Storm-PetrelWarrenunknown09/19/2003Lake GastonListed in The Chat; Carolina Bird Club data base. Mike Tove
Kentucky WarblerWarrenEvan Spears04/28/2020Smith Creek Bridge (John Edwards Rd), NorlinaView
Blackburnian WarblerWarrenKimberly Miskicwicz09/26/2019Kimball Point, Kerr Lake, Warren Co.View
Yellow WarblerWarrenBlair Clark08/15/2020Harristown Road, MaconView
Swainson's WarblerWarrenJames Gould05/10/2020Songbird Drive, LittletonView
Horned LarkWarrenEvan Spears01/05/2021Ridgeway-Drewry Road Pond, NorlinaView
Broad-winged HawkGreeneMichael Tove05/06/2021US 264 near east end of countyAdult bird soaring close over highway
American PipitWarrenWill Bennett2021-04-29Field just SW of intersection of Ridgeway-Drewry Road and Union Chapel Road, near Ridgeway.Saw one or two in the field just SW of the bend, a little later a flock of 8 landed in the same spot. May add blurry photos to eBird checklist.
Barn OwlAnsonDan Gettis 4/4/21 & 4/7/21It is on the Pee Dee NWR property. I could give you the exact location but I would rather it not be public. View photoYes
Swallow-tailed KiteBeaufortBetsy KaneApril 7, 2021Blounts Creek (the water body, not the rural community). Seen from N.C. Wildlife public boat access on Blounts Creek. View
Painted BuntingBeaufortBetsy KaneApril 7, 2021103 Lee Place (private home), Washington, NCSeen at feeder at 7:00 pmphoto
Red-breasted NuthatchDavieKarl KoevalApril 5, 2021 (daily fro128 Somerset CtMakes a daily appearance or two to shop around for seeds. Then leaves. Solitary individual.