Birds of North Carolina:
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Western Meadowlark - Sturnella neglecta
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General Comments Accidental. There are two accepted state records of singing Western Meadowlarks: one at Pea Island (Dare) on 30 Nov 1965 [Chat 54:58 link], and one at Lake Wheeler (Wake), 21 Jan - 3 Mar 1968 [Chat 32:104-05 link]. This species remains on the State's Provisional List, as both are sight records only (no photographs or voice recordings yet for the state). Interestingly, even though the breeding range has extended eastward toward western Ontario in recent decades, and the species departs that northeastern portion of the range in winter for areas to the south, there have been no state records since the 1960's. This suggests that the Western Meadowlark has sustained population declines, at least in the eastern portion of its range, as the number of birders in the state is several times greater now than the number back in the 1960's.
Breeding Status Nonbreeder
NC BRC List Provisional
State Status
U.S. Status
State Rank SA
Global Rank G5
Coastal Plain One record (see above).
Piedmont One record (see above).
Mountains No records.
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Attribution LeGrand[2018-02-01], LeGrand[2012-11-08], LeGrand[2011-12-19]
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