Birds of North Carolina:
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Chestnut-collared Longspur - Calcarius ornatus
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General Comments Accidental. There are three records: one from the Piedmont, a female at the Charlotte Motor Speedway (Cabarrus), 28 Feb until early Mar 1992* [Chat 62:185-86 link]; one from the mountains, a female or male in basic plumage at the southeastern corner of Great Smoky Mountains NP (Haywood) for several days in mid-May 2001* [Chat 66:4 link]; and one from the coast, a female from Fort Fisher (New Hanover), 22 Apr to 2 May 2011* [Chat 75:132-33 link], [Chat 76:3 link] (photos on the Carolina Bird Club website).
Breeding Status Nonbreeder
NC BRC List Definitive
State Status
U.S. Status
State Rank SA
Global Rank G5
Coastal Plain One record (see above).
Piedmont One record (see above).
Mountains One record (see above).
Finding Tips 1/2 *
Attribution LeGrand[2018-02-01], LeGrand[2012-09-29], LeGrand[2012-05-13]
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