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Allen's Hummingbird - Selasphorus sasin
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General Comments There are five state records for this species, which breeds only along the immediate Pacific coast of California and southern Oregon. Two of these records are from the state's coastal region: an immature male banded and photographed at a feeder in Manteo (Dare) from 19 Jan - 29 Mar 2003* [Chat 68:3 link], [Chat 74:78-79 link]; and one (not an adult male) banded and photographed at a feeder in Oriental (Pamlico) from 30 Sep 2013 - 21 Jan 2014* [Chat 78:29 link]. The third record is from the western Piedmont: an adult male banded and photographed at a feeder at Riverbend Park (Catawba) from 18 Nov - 19 Dec 2011* [Chat 76:3 link], [Chat 76:30 link]. The fourth record is of an adult female in southern Mecklenburg from 25 Nov 2020 - 25 Feb 2021, and banded on 12 Dec* [Chat 85:62 link]. This last Mecklenburg bird returned the following winter, where it was recaptured on 16 Feb* [Chat 86:53 link], [Chat 87:27 link]. This species can very easily be confused with Rufous Hummingbird, and unless an adult male, identification would likely have to involve capture and measurements (such as the width of the outer tail feathers).

A captured and banded hummingbird in Concord (Cabarrus) on 7 Feb 2023 was determined to be a hybrid Anna's x Allen's Hummingbird, a very rare such hybrid report. The bird was present from mid-Dec 2022 to 14 Feb 2023, and is the first confirmed hybrid hummingbird of any combination for the state [Chat 87:34-35 link].

Breeding Status Nonbreeder
NC BRC List Definitive
State Status
U.S. Status
State Rank SA
Global Rank G5
Coastal Plain Two records (see above).
Piedmont Three records (see above).
Mountains No records.
Finding Tips
1/2 *
Attribution LeGrand[2023-05-17], LeGrand[2023-05-16], LeGrand[2022-04-25]
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